How do we work?

Skills team building

Easy, nice and with enjoyment!

Every team building consists of selected games. After every game our trainer facilitates so the team realizes what was done well and offers suggestion what could be done better, faster, easier. Most of the games are competitive. Within the games we incorporate real market principles. Every game develops certain skill: communication, trust, creativity, leadership, time management etc..

Our team building represent broad specter of team activities, games and exercises, designed to develop key attributes of successful team behavior. Our team building motivates, entertain, and get together team members. The most important is that we do it in a relaxed, easy going and jet challenging manner.

In their origin they mix games, quizzes, training, weekend out of office and workshops. Their unmatching advantage is that they never look like a mandatory job obligation! Team building is not psychoanalysis, nor group therapy, nor just a tourist trip. You can say it is a school trip for grown ups.

What do we notice on photos from our team buildings? You can see a sparkle in everybody’s eyes! That is what we do: we provide that sparkle! Important rule for successful team building: Fun is obligatory! Fun for productivity enhancement and good relationship development!

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