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Hedonistic education - academy

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Hedonistic education – academy

Within our educative and fun part of Skills team building, we have special Hedonistic offer: Master Class.

"Master Class" is internationally recognized  title for education that is provided by specially skilled experts. Since here we are talking about Hedonistic skills, instructors and skilled associates of  AAH! (Association of Authentic Hedonists) will instruct participants in basic of various Hedonistic areas. AAH! "Master Class" lasts for two hours, including theoretical and practical parts, at the end of which every participants get certificate. This kind of education is opportunity for participants to communicate in person with experts, and ask them all about certain Hedonistic area, that couldn’t ask nobody else. These classes are highly interactive, so everybody can exchange their experiences, learn, meet new and interesting people, have fun and enjoy.

 For starters we offer education in following education areas: Cocktails, Whiskey, Brandy and cigars, Wines, Champagne, Chocolate, Golf, Dancing, Tea

"Master Class" Time of duration 90 / 120 min

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Isn’t a travel your favorite Hedonism?

‘’As every great traveler, I saw more than I can remember, and remember more than I saw ’.

Journeys are something that we are looking for, that we wish, plan or we don’t plan, but in any case we enjoy them. Later, we live these memories and they bring joy in our harts. Why shouldn’t we share them with our colleagues?

Just for you, within our team building, we cloud organize Hedonistic voyage, why not?!

What are our Hedonistic destinations?

For instance that could be London, or Rovinj, Greek islands, Bled…Places where senses meet, places to enjoy nature, food, activities, good wines, within the good company you already have.

We are open for all your suggestions, in case you wish some special destination, we will design wonderful programe and ensure that this voyage became a memory you will remember with special feelings.

Thank you for your interest. For more information please call +381 69 1387 487