Who are we?

Skills team building

The Skills story begun in the previous century. :-)

Since 1996 we are dealing with education and human resource development. If in some case, you haven’t heard of Skills so far, it's time to click here www.skills.rs

Besides training, which is the main activity of our company, we specialize in organizing team building events. So far we have had the pleasure to organize more than 260 team buildings for our clients. We can proudly say that we’ve had more than 39.000 participants on our training and team buildings. Do you know how much this is? Just imagine that the whole Monaco attended some training ... :-)

And our employees?

They are people who want to and know how to listen, organize everything and be with you during the event. Our employees are experienced professionals. That means they’ve done dozens and even hundreds of events.

In order to offer our customers the best, we also go on a team building event once a year. :-)

Thank you for your interest. For more information please call 069 1387 487!

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